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||| (1) is a contemporary performance piece that combines three artists' individual approaches to structures, including: dance, task-based movements, and sound.

Using materials and scores to restrict and determine proximity, the trio focuses on movement, sound, and visual qualities, and explores the points where their actions conjoin, sync, phase, and/or oscillate; in unison and simultaneity.

The trio focuses on reduction and refinement, in search of the essence of the actions which include: geometric walking patterns, moving in a cluster, gazing, non-touching and sonic, acoustic movement.

Abstract and without narrative, ||| (1) leaves the audience space to assess the actions of the trio and interpret or propose her/his own meaning,
content and thoughts. 

Premiere: 24 March 2015 at Kaaitherter Brussels
as a part of PERFORMATIK 2015

Concept and Performance: Collective 三 (3) 
Production: Collective 三 (3) – Jasmin Schaitl, William “Bilwa” Costa, Akemi Nagao 
Coproduction: workspacebrussels 
III (1) is supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, US Embassy Brussels, Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant, and was developed in collaboration with workspacebrussels

photo by Mayumi Arai

showing at KAAI Theater Living, October 29th 2014
in collaboration with workspacebrussels


with the kind support of the Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels


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