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#1 explores the confines of space and the kinetic tension that builds up in the interaction of movement and sound.Improvising within a framework of slowly evolving gesture and sound, dancer Akemi Nagao and double bassist Adam Pultz Melbye map out possibilities and trajectories determined by the interaction of body, instrument and space. By focusing on subtle changes in dynamics and texture, Study #1 is a meditation on what happens close to the threshold of perception.

2016 / at SPEKTRUM, TATWERK and mime centrum - Berlin
2015 / at Neu West, Blue Tap - Berlin, Råhuset - Copenhagen and Japan
2014 / TATWERK - Berlin


created by Adam Pultz Melbye and Akemi Nagao
performed in Berlin and Copenhagen

photo by Zé de Paiva
photo by Jun Yokoyama
photo by Jun Yokoyama
photo by Jun Yokoyama
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