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Nagao Akemi


I am a Japanese artist based in Berlin. My practice involves choreography, dancing, resting, slowing down, and listening. I am very interested in how we can build a society in which we can help each other and even when the wealth gap is widening. Therefore, since 2015, I have been researching and creating artwork about racism, inequality, and the socially vulnerable.


I am learning by experience every day since I moved to Berlin in 2007 that we are all minorities in some part of the world and that we all have social weaknesses.


Foreign languages are one of my weakest areas. Many times during my life in Berlin, I have been angry and disappointed by my inability to phrase things well. But I am also developing my own unique perspective by being able to experience a world that I could only see by not being proficient in the language.


My social weaknesses: 

Slow. Inability to keep up with the pace of others. I can only do what interests me at the time.

My social weaknesses in Berlin, Germany and Europe: 

Language. Differences in cultural values, ways of thinking, communication methods, and perspectives. Race.


I have been involved in numerous collaborations in Europe (including with Johanna Ackva, Choy Ka Fai, Yoshiko Chuma, Sabrina Huth, Anna Kubelik - at Akademie Schloss Solitude, Ballhaus Ost, Villa Massimo, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, among others).


September 2021, I graduated with my master’s in choreography (maC) at HZT Berlin and during my study, I had received scholarships from Deutschlandstipendium and Studienstiftung des deustchen Volkes.











2021年9月、ベルリンのHZTにて振付の修士課程(maC)を卒業し、在学中、DeutschlandstipendiumとStudienstiftung des deustchen Volkesから奨学金を頂きました。


copy right: Mayu Miyata

dance period: since 1986

dance back ground:
ballet, Japanese folk dance, hip hop, soul, contemporary dance and improvisation dance

other practice back ground:
swimming, piano, drawing, painting, vocalist, fashion model, climbing and meditation

MA Choreography at HZT, HfS Ernst Busch, Berlin, 2018-2021
Dance history of street dance, traditional Indian dance and Hawaiian dance(Hula), as well as psychology, sports psychology, at Osaka International University, 2002-2008






2018-2021年 HZT, HfS Ernst Busch, BerlinにてMA Choreographyを取得 
2002-2008年 大阪国際大学、スポーツ行動学科を卒業。ストリートダンス、インド伝統舞踊、ハワイアンダンス(フラ)の舞踊史の研究をする。また同大学にて心理学を学ぶ。

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